For every child

who hopes for a home

Our rural village work in both Guatemala and Liberia is possible due to the sponsorship of children by international families. A needy child is paired with a family to receive what they need, including wheelchairs, equipment, medicine, doctor appointments, medical testing, food, formula, therapy and education. The monthly sponsorship amount varies per child based upon the needs.

Unlike many sponsorship programs, 100% of your donation goes to help a child in need. Not one penny is used for administration or delivery costs.

Twice a year the sponsor will receive an updated photo and news about their child. And each sponsored child receives a visit each month from our ministry, during which we spend time with the family, share the love of Jesus, and pray with them.

You can get involved by clicking the link below to see children who are currently awaiting a sponsor. Get involved and start saving and changing lives today!


Waiting Children