For every child

who hopes for a home

Don and Melanie Riley and their four children joined our Hope for Home team in February 2016. Having served for two years in Liberia, the foundation for expanding ministry had already been laid.

Living near Monrovia, they have established a sponsorship program for orphans in the region. The orphan crisis was bad due to a lack of medical care, malnutrition and war, but was compounded during the Ebola outbreak of 2014.

Their sponsorship program focuses on providing short-term assistance and developing a plan for long-term independence for the child and their caregivers when possible.

Now, through an exciting new partnership with another ministry, His Safehaven, we will begin work in early 2018 to construct a village for children with special needs. The end result will be at least 20 family-based homes caring for children,  

If you want to be involved in partnering in Liberia, you can click the sponsorship link below or the Donate tab above.