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    In January of 2023, Hope for Home Ministries purchased land in Parramos, Guatemala. Located about 35 minutes from our current headquarters, this beautiful, walled-in three acres will eventually become a safe community for all of our family-based group homes. The existing building on the site will be the perfect location for our offices, special education classrooms, physical therapy clinic, medical clinic, and team housing. And there is room for all five of our group homes to also be constructed there, making a cul-de-sac neighborhood, as God provides the funds.

    Known as Comunidad de Esperanza (Community of Hope) this site will provide a safe place for the children and adults for which we care and love so much. And with the additional space available, we will be able to raise vegetables and chickens for both eggs and meat, reducing expenses and enabling us to maximize resources. 

    Our first project is to repair large portions of the roof on the current building to prevent leaks and mold. The total cost will be about $23,000, and we would love for you to partner with us so that we can complete this project!

    Our next step is to start building the additional group homes and the necessary infrastructure that goes along with them. Each home will cost approximately $130,000 depending on the size, and current cost of building materials. Feel free to contact Daryl Fulp at daryl@hopeforhome.org for more updated details about this project. With God’s help, and your donations, this dream will soon become reality!

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