We currently have four separate  group homes where we care for children with special needs. We typically have around 30 children under our care and each home is run by a family, and every home is as unique as the families running them! Some of the children in the homes are orphans, others were removed from their homes by the government because of neglect or abuse, and others are in our care because their families were unable to care for them well, and so they gave us the honor of doing so. 

    The children’s special needs range from down syndrome and autism, to cerebral palsy and terminal illnesses. Our goal in the homes is to give them the best care possible. We have a small school for our children who are able to participate in classes, as well as physical therapists, psychologists and trained medical professionals who care for the more delicate children, and the families and nannies and support staff who love on the children day-to-day. For the children who reach 18 years of age, they are legally no longer allowed to stay in our homes, but they are given the option of moving to our adult home, New Hope Adult Home. For more information about the individual homes, check some of them out on social media! 

Learn more about our Adult Group Home!

Fulp Group Home

Norton Group Home

Alvarez Group Home

    To donate to the group homes, click below to choose which home you would like to financially support. Note that each missionary family who runs a group home is responsible to raise funds for their personal living expenses as well as all of the expenses to maintain their group home and provide care for the children, and also to maintain an emergency medical fund to cover special medical procedures or hospital stays. 

Emanuel & Shannon Alvarez

Carl & Lisa Norton

Stevie & Carissa Chapin

Daryl & Wanda Fulp