Wheels of Hope is a ministry that provides support to families who have children or family members with special needs. Our goal is to support the families in the ways they most need, so that their children can remain with them instead of going to an institution. There are very few programs or support available for caretakers of people with special needs in Guatemala, and our goal is to fill some of those gaps.

    On the ground this looks like making visits to each sponsored child’s family every month, where our team personally delivers assistance in the form of medication, food, formula, or even specialized equipment like customized wheelchairs or braces. This also can include visits with therapists, who can provide education about how to care for the specific needs the sponsored child may have. All of this happens alongside sharing Christ and building relationships with the families that we serve. A large part of this branch of Hope for Home is simply a “ministry of presence.” Letting caretakers of people with disabilities know that they are not alone.