Who we are & What we do

    Hope for Home Liberia has three main branches of ministry: schooling, caring for children with special needs, and medical care. We use these avenues to teach the gospel, disciple and train up Liberian leaders, and to show the power of God. We want to see Liberians reaching Liberia, and currently we have 3 international missionaries and 162 full-time Liberian missionaries that serve with the mission. 

    Liberia is a nation under huge demonic influence. Daily we are seeking the Lord on how to reach the Liberians and show them that God is the light, He is the way and He is truth! Satan has no power over them. Liberia is a culture of relationships, so we spend a lot of time just talking with people! We love learning from the Liberians. It is hard to have influence if you are not prepared to show that you can learn from the culture you are serving. 

    We are also passionate about teaching and modeling that women and children are highly valued, which is a foreign concept in Liberia! And we spread the gospel through pictures. Almost all of Liberia is illiterate, so we have a full-time artist that is painting a picture for every verse of the Bible, and then we teach and memorize the Bible using these pictures. 

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Our School: Fairview Missionary School

Our school is located in Denta, a town about 10km from Gbarnga. Denta is right in the heart of a very demonic, spiritually darkened area. Our work here began when we partnered with a local pastor who was already working in the town, and now Hope for Home has helped carry on his vision and dream. We currently have over 200 students in school, ranging from ages 4 to 17 years old. We have been blessed with a godly, humble and caring team of teachers, who live full-time in Denta. Most of them, or members of their family, have suffered persecution for their faith. They have been physically harmed for standing against the demonic practices of the community in and around Denta. Everyday they go above and beyond their calling as teachers, sharing the gospel in their classrooms. Each and every one of our teachers have taken a very strong stand against the demonic society and it has cost them dearly, yet day after day they continue to shine the light of Jesus in Denta Town. 

Caring for Children with Special Needs: His Safe Haven Village

Children in Liberia with disabilities or special needs are considered to be demon-possessed, and their families are ostracized from their communities. They cannot use the same well to draw water, they are not welcome in the community kitchens, and no one in the community will buy anything from them, which makes life very difficult. As a result of these beliefs and practices, almost all children with special needs are severely abused or killed. We currently have 32 of these precious children in our care. Each and every one of these children have been rescued from various forms of abuse or neglect, or left on our doorstep. The children live in a set of homes, under the care of widows who look after them. We have a full time security team and cooking staff to provide for their needs, and the children receive daily individual therapy. We can’t know the extent of the trauma these children experienced, but our desire is to provide a safe haven for them, whether they are with us for years or only a few days or months. While a child is with us, we want them to know how loved and valued they are by us and by their maker God. 

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Safe Haven Website

Safe Haven Facebook Page

Medical Care: Jesus Loves Me Pediatric Children’s Clinic

Because of the extreme poverty rate in Liberia, often a woman has to choose to not feed her children for 2 or 3 days if she wants money to get a sick child medical help. And the medical world is full of corruption; charging extreme doctors fees from doctors that are not even properly trained. Often even when a child does receive medical attention, they die because of lack of medical knowledge and compassion. We want something different for Liberians. The Jesus Loves Me Pediatric Children’s Clinic aims to show the love of Jesus from the moment you step foot into the building. When patients come to Jesus Loves Me – they don’t only receive compassion, care and help from trained and honest medical staff, they also receive prayer and the gospel message. People who come to the Jesus Loves Me Children’s Clinic pay a standard, reasonable registration fee, but any further medical fees are covered by the mission. Currently we are operating out of a 2 room clinic, but we are very excited to be building a 60-bed inpatient clinic to serve the rapidly increasing number of people who come for care. 

Liberia Child Sponsorships

Many children in Liberia are chronically sick, hungry and uneducated and child sponsorship is one of the greatest gifts these children could receive! Through child sponsorship, children receive a high quality Christian education, free health care, and a meal served every day at school, and the cost is only $40 a month

Children with special needs in Liberia are among the most destitute people because they are believed to be demon-possessed, and a curse on their family. Because of this, they are often abused, neglected or killed. Our mission wants to save and love as many of these children as we can! The cost to sponsor a child with special needs is $100 per month.

If you are interested in learning about the children that are currently waiting for a sponsor, or would like more information, please contact Don Riley at  liberiasponsorship@hopeforhome.org