Jeremiah & Kelsie Fulp

Jeremiah Fulp is a passionate individual whose journey led him to Guatemala at the age of 10 in 2011. Alongside his parents and siblings, he embraced a new chapter of life in a country rich with culture and opportunity. In 2020, Jeremiah’s dedication and commitment to the ministry became evident as he assumed the role of Assistant Director, bringing his skills and leadership to the forefront of the organization. Jay’s journey is marked by a genuine enthusiasm for working directly with people. Whether it’s fostering connections, providing support, or lending a listening ear, he thrives in creating meaningful relationships within the community. This dedication to personal interaction forms the foundation of his commitment to the ministry. He is a dynamic individual whose passion for direct human interaction is complemented by a hands-on approach to mechanical work within the ministry. In January of 2023, Kelsie embraced a life of service and purpose as she moved to Guatemala after their wedding. With unwavering enthusiasm, the couple immediately assumed the challenging role of interim directors for the Adult Home within the ministry. Kelsie’s commitment extends beyond administrative duties. She actively engages with the Fulp Home, offering a creative outlet through art therapy for the children. Simultaneously, Kelsie takes on additional responsibilities in managing the social media aspect of the ministry, leveraging her skills to amplify the organization’s reach and impact.
As their journey unfolds, Jeremiah and Kelsie harbor a profound long-term vision. Driven by compassion and a desire to make a meaningful difference, they aspire to work with girls and women who have been sexually abused. Their vision takes shape through a multifaceted approach, combining a ministry to prostitutes with a girls’ home to provide support, healing, and empowerment to those who have faced adversity. Jeremiah and Kelsie embody a spirit of service, resilience, and hope. Their journey in Guatemala reflects a commitment to building a brighter future for individuals in need, and their dedication to addressing sensitive issues demonstrates a profound understanding of the transformative power of compassion and outreach. As they navigate their roles within the ministry, Jeremiah and Kelsie stand poised to leave a lasting impact on the lives they touch.

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