Kevin & Katie Harms

Kevin and Katie first felt called to Guatemala in 2017-2018 while they were serving with Hope for Home Ministries for a 3-month commitment. During this time, God led and changed their hearts’ desires (Psalm 37:4), and their 3-month commitment turned into 8 months, which then resulted in them moving permanently to Guatemala in 2021. They now live in northern Guatemala, where they are serving children with special needs in the communities around them. They seek to provide family-specific support in order to empower and enable these families to care for their children. Depending on the family, this support includes: education; nutrition follow-up; wheelchair fitting; assistance with medications, therapy, and physical needs; facilitating medical appointments; transportation to appointments; and encouragement and prayer. Coming alongside these families provides a gateway to establish trusting relationships, which often opens doors to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Kevin and Katie are also working to support some other ministries and churches (both new and established) to motivate and enable the spread of Jesus’ message in places where they see God already at work in the villages around them. These partnerships include roles such as: teaching, manual labour/construction consulting, healthcare, music ministry, and encouragement. Their 3 young children tag along as much as possible while they are out and about serving in the communities. It is not uncommon to see their 3 or 4 year-old wielding one of daddy’s tools or carrying a weigh scale as they go about fitting wheelchairs or doing nutrition checks.

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