Kimberly Fulp

Kimberly Fulp and her family made a life-changing move when she was just 7 years old to Guatemala, in 2011. Life throws unique challenges her way as she navigates the world with cerebral palsy (CP), a condition that brings both obstacles and opportunities. Despite the limitations posed by CP, Kimmie has found purpose and fulfillment in serving others. Currently, she dedicates her time to assisting in her parents’ group home, embodying a spirit of selflessness and compassion. Her journey has been a testament to the strength that can be found in embracing challenges with grace and determination. Kimmie’s spiritual journey is at the core of her existence. Seeking guidance, she actively explores her role in ministry, discerning God’s plans for her future. As she waits for His direction, she remains engaged in her parent’s group home. Looking forward, Kimmie envisions a life dedicated to service in Guatemala. Her heart beats for the well-being of women, fueled by a passion for women’s health and biblical counseling. The intersection of these interests creates a unique space where she hopes to contribute meaningfully, though the specific path remains uncertain. Kimmie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the unwavering determination to make a difference. As she continues to explore her calling, she stands poised at the intersection of faith, service, and a bright future filled with God’s purpose.

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