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We are Maudilio and Taryn Ixcotoyac. We were born in two different worlds. Taryn was born in Ohio and Maudilio in the rural mountains of Quiché, Guatemala. We have widely different childhoods, backgrounds, and cultures and yet, here we are! We met in 2018 and stayed friends for over 3 years before we started dating through a series of events that only could have been orchestrated by God. In April 2021 we got married and started our lives together! When we first got married, Maudilio was working a full-time job and Taryn was running the Aliento Feeding Program. But we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work long-term. And God showed us that it was best for Maudilio to quit his job and join the ministry full-time. This was a big step of faith for both of us, but mostly Maudilio. And just as He always does, God has proven that He always provides for us when we follow His calling.
It hasn’t always been easy, but it is amazing to be able to see God work in us and through us. We now run the Aliento feeding program, formula program, and sponsorship program together. We also have a wonderful foster daughter that we love dearly. Parenting has definitely been a stretch for us but it is constantly full of wonderful lessons; and it is so rewarding to get to love her like our own. We are definitely different people than we were when we got married. God has stretched us beyond what we thought possible and changed us in many ways to glorify Himself, and we couldn’t be more grateful that He has allowed us to join Him on this wild ride. And we are excited to see what else He has planned for us!

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