Susan McLay

My name is Susan (Suzie) McLay. I am a missionary from New Zealand, serving the Lord in Liberia, North West Africa. I am partnering with Hope for Home and His Safe Haven Ministries. Since I was a young girl, I have felt the Lord calling me to be a missionary in Africa. In 2017 I learned about a mission in Guatemala that has an orphan home for children with special needs. I headed over there and served for 18 months but knew that was not where I wanted to serve long term. During my time in Guatemala I heard about the Hope for Home mission in Liberia, North West Africa and transferred over there in March of 2019.
Liberia has become home, I know God clearly called me there and I absolutely love it! My main service in the mission is to run day to day Administration. I am also mentoring a lot of teenage girls and young women. I have a couple of Woman’s Bible studies and a Sunday School/Youth Group programme. I run a program that provides baby formula for malnourished orphan babies, whose carers cannot afford to look after the child. When I am able, I help organise surgeries for children and evangelise to their families through that. In my down time you will find me walking around my community, checking on children, helping my neighbours beat the rice or plant the crops. This is a great way to get to know the woman and speak truth into their lives. Hope for Home Liberia has three main branches of ministry = schools, special needs children and medical. We use these avenues to teach the gospel, disciple, train up Liberian leaders and show the power of God. We want to see Liberians reaching Liberia. Currently we have 3 international missionaries and 149 full time Liberian missionaries that serve with the mission. Liberia is a nation under huge demonic influence. Daily we are seeking the Lord on how to reach the Liberians and show them that God is the light, He is the way and He is truth! Satan has no power over them. We love and spend time with our neighbours. Liberia is a culture of relationships. We spend a lot of time talking to people! We learn from the Liberians. It is hard to have influence if you are not prepared to show you can learn from the culture you are serving. We help show women and children that they are highly valued! This is a foreign concept in Liberia. Feel free to email me with any questions about my ministry in Liberia and thank you so much for your support!

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